Best of CES 2019

Best of CES 2019
January 22, 2019 affordance

CES 2019 : Our highlights

Affordance was in Las Vegas from January 5th to 12th for a second year at the CES event. Here are our 5 highlights and observations of the week

Bot, robots, lovot…

Just like in 2018, the robot section occupied a good portion of the showfloor. However, the trend has changed; in 2018, the model of Eve, the famous character of the animated film Pixar Wall-E, was in the main inspiration for the design. This year, the robots have animal characteristics, which makes them more endearing! Artificial intelligence have found the best way to be accepted and integrated into our lives; with their big eyes and their harmless pet appearance, they invite us to develop an emotional bond with them.

Sony’s dog, Aibo is adorable and becomes an alternative as a domestic pet companion for people with allergies, wants a pet without the constraints and responsibilities, or be able to travel freely … Aibo can give the paw, do the dead and pant like a real dog!

Zoetic also has a bot that is an excellent pet, Kiki. His eyes are in OLED and displays several shades of emotions. The camera, located in his nose, allows him to recognize and remember people. As soon as he sees you, he can track you by turning his head. He can also try to read your emotions and will sing you a song and dance if you look sad! Kiki adapts to his owner by learning about his personality and habits. If the owner is affectionate, he will want more hugs, but if his owner is independent, he will become aloof.

Lovot is a robot that looks like a creature coming straight out from Ghibli Studios. The Lovot, as its name suggests, is a robot that gives affection and wants to receive attention! The lovot waves his arms / wings like a child who wants to be caught. It recognizes faces and behaviors received from people. If a person mistreats a lovot, he will try to avoid it! The big difference between Lovot and other robots? It’s the only one that does not have a metallic texture and is soft to the touch!

Learn to program with Harry Potter

The magic of programming is clearly demonstrated with this Kano programming kit! In this kit, we obtain a rod, composed of an arduino and several sensors that will detect the movements. This allows young people (and not so young) to understand the creation of controllers. After, just create his own spells by choosing the movements and their effects in the Kano application. An excellent toy to pique the curiosity of our future engineers!

AR and VR experience

VR and AR are becoming more and more interesting and this year we can see a good progress in this area. One of the interesting experiences we’ve tried is the one from Realmax, a multiplayer experience. The helmet is light, comfortable and offers a good field of view. A sensor allows us to move in 3D in the virtual environment and it is possible to interact with other users by using virtual objects in the physical space. The interaction is made with a controller similar to that of Google Daydream, but it is possible to connect a sensor Leap Motion.

Price: US $ 1,000

A promising headset in VR is the one from Pimax. With its field of view of 200 °, excellent image resolution and good framerate, Pimax is an alternative to HTC Vive, despite its base price of $ 699. There is a 5k version and an 8k version.

We have controllers to interact in VR environments … but what about our feet? 3dRudder offers a solution with a brand new game controller, handled by feet! One model for PlayStation VR and another for PCs are available from $ 99 US.

The Wall and Curved Display

LG’s setup with their curved OLED TV was impressive. An arrangement of 260 screens of 55 “formed a curved structure and played beautiful scenes of nature. It was an amazing immersive environment!

Practical side of curved screens? It is possible to roll it in a piece of furniture like a projector screen.

The Wall, Samsung’s setup, demonstrated the potential of their 75 “MicroLED displays. The quality of the image is beautiful and with its modular screens, Samsung has set The Wall, a 219 “television. It’s enormous. No price has been announced yet!

VR ride

We end with a small ride developed by DOF Robotics, which takes us to an Asian world where we are in a wagon pulled by a cyclist at the start … then all tumbles due to a maneuver of our driver who went wrong. In short, many jolts, laughs and some heartaches!

The CES is a great opportunity to do business intelligence, discover new technological trends and imagine new interactive experiences to develop. We’ll be back next year!