Genome Project

Massive libraries of data must be made available to genetic disease researchers in order to propel breakthroughs in the field. Unfortunately, research organizations (i.e. universities) do not have the financial resources to build and curate these libraries themselves.

Affordance Studio has recently partnered with a research group from McGill University to create a crowdsourcing project for biology. The project’s objective is to develop a mobile and web application which will house important research data and create a curation system that genomic scientists will utilize to further their research.

As this is a crowdsourcing project, Affordance was brought on board for its design expertise to maximize user-engagement. 

Finally, the research brought about from this project will be deployed through a user-friendly interface into schools and museums so that students can follow the progress of the research team. Affordance will also create a virtual reality system by which students can explore and annotate the genomic data in 3D.

To be continued…