Ready to Negotiate

Learn a new language by negotiating!

Ready to Negotiate

Negotiate with your friends to learn a new language!

Ready to Negotiate

Ready to Negotiate is a fun, new language learning game which teaches you how to negotiate out loud in a second language in less than 5 minutes, even if you’ve had just one language course.

Learn to Speak

In this game, you’ll learn to negotiate with another learner or even a native speaker for items like cars, cell phones, apartments, and even trips to space! So you can practice speaking out loud and with a partner in French, English, Spanish, and even Chinese.


Every item you negotiate for in the game corresponds to a city where the language you’re learning is an official language. So you’ll visit New York, London and Pretoria for the English version of the game as well as Paris, Dakar and Montreal for the French version of the game. The listening games even have native speaker accents from those cool cities!


The game is part of a 75 participants research study with Dr. Walcir Cardoso from Concordia University. The results will be presented at the prestigious American Association for Applied Linguistics in Orlando, Florida for April, 2016.


Just like in all of your favorite video games, there are leaderboards, badges, avatars and levelling up. So you’ll get to collaborate and compete with your friends and classmates to see who is the best negotiator. Get ready to negotiate!