UI/UX Game designer

Position name: UI/UX Game designer

Position : Full time

Contact: jobs@affordancestudio.com

About Affordance Studio

Affordance Studio (www.affordancestudio.com) is a team leveraging creative game design to redefine what play means for museums, events, classrooms, businesses and more.

As such, Affordance Studio is looking for a new teammate game designer who’s passionate about UI/UX and serious games. The UI/UX designer position’s main responsibilities will be to design interactive mockups for our future projects, prototype new ideas and help throughout production to deliver quality games.


Your responsibilities

  • Design game systems that meet the objectives determined with the client;
  • Communicate the result of the design process through mock-ups, game design documents and flowcharts;
  • Create user-friendly, accessible and appealing interfaces; 
  • Adapt mock-ups to the various targeted platforms.


You’ll feel at home at Affordance if you…

  • Love designing games;
  • Can communicate your ideas clearly;
  • Have a talent for mapping game systems and understanding the logic behind their programming;
  • Have good knowledge of interactive wireframe software such as Adobe XD;
  • Have good knowledge of graphic design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator;
  • Have a good eye for UI.



We are offering: 

  • a dynamic work environment with amazing professional opportunities for you to grow your career;
  • flexible working hours and a 4 days/a week schedule;
  • a unique work environment;
  • collective insurance;
  • a living space where you can enjoy life (shared with other independent video game studios where we regularly organize fun activities (i.e. pizza nights, game nights, etc.)).


****To fulfill and exceed its business objectives, Affordance relies on the best team, which means offering a diverse workplace to all employees where everyone see their skills and differences respected and encouraged. To promote diversity is to treat employees fairly and equitably to create a work environment which represents the communities we’re working with. Diversity is encompassed in every aspect that can be used to distinguish between groups or people. It includes respect and appreciation of differences of, among other things, ethnicity, gender, age, nationality, physical or mental conditions, sexual orientation, education and religion. Each one of us brings a different perspective on our work environment; diversity and inclusion represent strengths from which we benefit greatly when we respect and encourage our differences. ****



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