Play while waiting at a bus stop!

Play while waiting at a bus stop!
June 8, 2016 affordance

Play while waiting at a bus stop!

On Wednesday 3 June 2015, stood the great contest organized by Hyperlinks in Montreal.

The Giant in telecommunications, entertainment and media in Canada, Quebecor, was looking for an effective solution to exploit the interactive bus shelters found in the city of Montreal.

Competing against Mnubo, Merchlar and WiCastr Limited, Affordance Studio has won the contest thanks to a new creative and innovative project.

More than just waiting areas for many residents of Montreal that await the arrival of their buses to get to their destination, Québecor’s bus shelters offer accessible informations for all.

To create a community around these bus shelters, we offer an integrated platform linked with an application that includes elements of gamification and invites users to interact with the ad showned.

A user near a bus shelter could find an advertisement that sends him a challenge.

To solve it, he must open his smartphone to unlock the content offered and resolve the challenge to win a prize.

The application would allow users to continue the experience outside of the physical locations of shelters, keeping track of their progression and their informations.

This innovative project has allowed Affordance Studio to be chosen by Quebecor and thus win the contest Hyperlinks.

See the Affordance Studio solution here.