The Cubicule : escape the room at C2 MTL!

Affordance at C2 Montréal 2017
June 13, 2017 affordance

The Cubicule : An escape the room at C2 MTL 2017! 

The Affordance team, together with C2 Montréal, has designed an escape room game for visitors to test their deduction skills as well as their communication and teamwork. More than 600 people faced the Cubicle during the 3 days that the conference lasted. The goal of the Cubicle? Simple! Highlight the communication and the cooperation of a well-oiled team.

Every year, C2 Montréal brings together visitors from across the globe to explore major trends and opportunities in commerce and creativity. Affordance has adapted the genre of escape room games, highly popular among the general public in the last few years, in a format dedicated to work units so that they may find new benchmarks to work together more efficiently.

This escape room 1970 office edition was one of six Labs designed specifically for C2 Montréal 2017. Among them, a Chabot – a relative of Siri’s by its own admission – aiming to help conducting brainstorm sessions (designer with illogika), a flying carousel where great spirit assemble during a conversion up in the airs, and even a full kitchen  where the participants baked a giant cake, much to the enjoyment of all visitors.

And what did the attendees think? Their thoughts in images and words!

Le Cubicule sera présenté cette semaine à l’évènement Movin’On du 13 au 15 juin à l’Arsenal.

Affordance tient à remercier la très créative équipe de C2 Montréal pour cette collaboration, et en particulier Solen Déry, Joëlle Sarrailh et Antoine Roy Larouche.