Morbus Delirium

Due to his keen interest for technologies and biology, Domino Lee became a biohacker. With his friend Ribofunk and his robot Jiro, they founded a biotechnologies laboratory, the Fab Lab. Their most recent development project is a set of biotech augmented reality glasses.

Working as a guide for the Montreal Science Centre during the day and doing research on the evenings, Domino receives an invitation from his father to assist one of his conferences at the Armand-Frappier museum. Renowned microbiologist, his father is currently studying Malum Venator, a mysterious virus that affects hunters in the eastern part of Quebec.

His passion for biotechnologies and his father’s research have unwittingly prepared Domino for what is about to happen. A frantic adventure will challenge his knowledge, reveal the history of epidemiology and put in his hands the fate of many people

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The Montreal Science Center launches a new permanent exhibition focused on the human body. The objective being to make the experience more engaging for the visitors, we decided to delve into the potential of game design to create an interactive web product which would complement the physical installations of the exhibition.

We decided to trust our proven design methods and collaborated with the Montreal Science Center to upstart the development. Using our design tool, Gamestorm, we crystallized the project’s vision, its users, the game dynamics, the narrative and the technologies to be used.

The iterative method and our playful approach to game design brought us to launch the web and mobile versions of Morbus Delirium in march of 2017.

A document detailing the project’s development and our design methods is available: Click here.

Four features

Five chapters

The game is split in five short chapters for a total playing time of approximately three hours. Create an account to save your progression and to replay your favorite chapters!

Scientific games

Your adventure will challenge you with various scientific games that will teach you and engage you with the narrative. Learn to identify the different pathogens, to recognize their symptoms and to complete your diagnostics.

Interactive narrative

The game not only has a cast of charismatic characters and a strong narrative. The choices you make throughout the adventure will have an impact on its outcome. How will you stop the epidemic?

Learn from history

Modern technologies are not your only tool to solve Morbus Delirium’s epidemic crisis. Today’s science is based on yesterday’s: you will learn much from exploring the history of science and epidemiology.

Complete your experience at Montreal Science Center

The web version includes the entire game with its cast of characters, the scientific games and the narrative in five chapters. It is accessible and playable from any web device.

Available as an Android or iOS application, the mobile version was used to enrich the Montreal Science Centre’s exposition by giving the visitors additional informations and challenges complementary to the web version experience.


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