Are you looking for an engaging way to showcase your brand, your services or your products at an event?

Affordance can help you show off what you do with fun, immersive game experiences!

Build your brand with games

Affordance can build you a game to make your brand stand-out from the competition at conferences and trade-shows.

Engage your customers

Gaming is a great way to engage your customers with your business. Affordance Studio is an expert in developing solutions that immerse users in collaborative and competitive experiences that they won’t soon forget.

Techniseal: A success story

Techniseal, a leading company in outdoor maintenance products, came to us with the mission of showcasing their new flagship product, the Next Gel, in tradeshows around the world.

Affordance developed a trivia game, the Next Gel Quiz, to achieve this mission. The game has significantly increased tradeshow foot traffic at the Techniseal booth. Even more, the game helps both participants and the audience learn more about the Next Gel product in a fun, competitive way.

During a game session, one to three players show off how much they know about Next Gel and the Techniseal brand by answering a series of 10 trivia questions in either French or English. Speed and accuracy both count for the all-knowing leaderboard!

To ensure a continuously fun game experience for an entire tradeshow, there is a bank of 50 rotating questions which never play the same game twice. And to prepare for the game, players can get product and brand information with company reps and marketing material on site.

So far, nearly 1200 people have played the Next Gel Quiz. Not only is it possible for game administrators to gather and store data about the players’ understanding of the product, but the game also allows you to collect email addresses from participants to build your customer database.

Just like with the Techniseal Next Gel Quiz, Affordance can create tailor-made and multi-language games for your events to increase brand awareness and sales.

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