The Bus Stop Game

The Bus Stop Game

Waiting for the bus has never been so fun!

The Bus Stop Game

The Bus Stop Game transforms the time you spend waiting for a bus into an interactive game session. It propels you into a competitive world where riders of all of the different bus lines throughout your city jockey for position and points in different game scenarios. You can even unlock exclusive content for your fellow passengers by getting a high score. More fun is just another bus stop away!

Connect with your Fellow Passengers!

Connect your smart phone to an interactive bus stop and play any number of games sponsored by local and international brands. Earn points and redeem them for coffee, shoes and concert tickets.

Win as a Team

Join the community of active users on your bus line to collaborate and compete for prizes. Stay on top of the leaderboard and let everyone know your skills.

Valuable data for agencies

The Bus Stop Game is a unique opportunity for advertisers to get access to valuable consumer data, target specific user groups and reach them in a totally immersive way.

A more engaging experience for users

This tool will allow advertising agencies to design targeted campaigns that engage users with their favourite brands. Get on the bus and get into the competition!