The Responsible

Invest smartly.

Photo by: Sylviana Robini

As a game, The Responsible takes on a holistic approach to financial investing. Taking on the role of an investment advisor for a bank, you will have to compete with investors to optimize your investing portfolio. Should you invest in startups or well-established companies? Should you take more risk to increase the potential rewards? You will have to find out. However, the game also aims to demonstrate that returns on investment are not the only goal an investor should have and that having a positive social and environmental impact is key in becoming a responsible investor.

By yourself or with others

Whether your team stands by itself or groups up with others, you will have to review the potential gains and risks of every investing opportunity.

Be on top of the news

Stay informed through punctual news. Good knowledge of the state of the market and the investments of your competitors will be key in understanding the positive or negative effects on your financial strategy.

Be mindful of your impact

Keep a close eye on your investments and its impact on your community and the environment. Investing is not all about good returns.

Become a consultant in responsible finance

By the end of the game, you should have learned how to manage your investment portfolio to maximize your returns while also having a positive impact on others and the environment. Get global and start playing!

One of the game’s strength is its hybrid nature; mixing a traditional board game setup with the use of a digital application to power the game forward. Amongst other things, this helps the game give players the opportunity to have feedback on their decisions and their social and environment impacts. Distribution of the game is handled by Équiterre and Desjardins’s Personal Finance: I’m in charge. As a serious game, The Responsible demonstrates that game design is a powerful vector for raising awareness and promoting change.


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