3D Animator - Intermediate / senior

Position name: Technical Animator

Position : Full time

Contact: jobs@affordancestudio.com

About Affordance Studio

Affordance Studio is a team leveraging creative game design to redefine what play means for museums, events, classrooms, businesses and more.

As such, Affordance Studio is looking for an technical animator who enjoys new technologies and the challenges they offer. The person we’re looking for will be wholly responsible for the technical animation portion of the project while collaborating mainly with the technical director and the other animators.

The project

Affordance Studio is known for its serious games developed for web platforms. However, the project for which we are recruiting is much closer to a mass-market entertainment game.

Titled Windigo, the project is a narrative exploration game set in the 17th century. The player alternates between two protagonists ; a young Innu boy and a young french girl. Both are stranded and try to survive the wild canadian lands. It is a game best described as historical, narrative and contemplative.

Windigo is the right opportunity for you if you want to :

●  Lead the technical animation portion of a video game project;

●  Work closely with the creative team and participate in design discussions;

●  Have a major impact on the development and direction of a video game production.

Your responsibilities

The person we’re looking for will become the lead animator on the project and work closely with the technical director to plan and manage the project’s animation needs. This lead animator will have to be highly autonomous and be able to provide solutions to the various technical challenges that will appear during production.


●  Establish and maintain the motion capture pipeline;

●  Help integrating the animations in the game engine;

●  Create high quality animations for bipeds, animals, etc;

●  Stay up to date and be a resource when it comes to emerging technologies in the field of technical 3D animation (facial capture, performance capture, etc);

●  Work effectively with other members of the development team;

●  Plan effectively their work a nd provide realistic updates on progress;

●  Contribute positively to the achievement of the objectives of the project and the team;

Experience and qualifications:

●  Minimum 1 to 2 years of experience as a 3D animator;

●  Fluency in French (written and spoken);

●  Fluency in English, an asset.

Technical Skills:

●  Strong skills in 3D animation;

●  Proficiency with the software Maya, preferably;

●  Experience with facial and/or performance capture technologies, an asset;

●  Experience in rigging, an asset;

●  Knowledge of the Unreal Engine game engine, an asset;


We are offering:

●  a dynamic work environment with amazing professional opportunities for you to grow your career;

●  flexible working hours and a 4 days/a week schedule;

●  a unique work environment;

●  collective insurance;

●  a living space where you can enjoy life (shared with other independent video game studios where we regularly organize fun activities (i.e. pizza nights, game nights, etc.).


****To fulfill and exceed its business objectives, Affordance relies on the best team, which means offering a diverse workplace to all employees where everyone see their skills and differences respected and encouraged. To promote diversity is to treat employees fairly and equitably to create a work environment which represents the communities we’re working with. Diversity is encompassed in every aspect that can be used to distinguish between groups or people. It includes respect and appreciation of differences of, among other things, ethnicity, gender, age, nationality, physical or mental conditions, sexual orientation, education and religion. Each one of us brings a different perspective on our work environment; diversity and inclusion represent strengths from which we benefit greatly when we respect and encourage our differences. ****