Affordance teams up with the OQLF

Affordance teams up with the OQLF
February 20, 2019 affordance

The Office québécoise de la langue française is funding the development of French language learning games by Affordance Studio


We are proud to announce that Affordance Studio has received funding from the Office québécois de langue française to make a platform of French language learning games. This is big news! Almost as big as the Nintendo Switch’s announcement!

Affordance applied to the OQLF’s “Programmes d’aide financière pour la promotion du français” to make these French language learning games in the goal of helping video game studio employees and managers improve their French. The bonus is that these games will be available for free to the public as well!

The games on the platform help players to develop their French vocabulary, speaking and writing with a series of casual games. These games include asteroids vocabulary, gamified dictation and a new version of Heads Up. There are also two trivia games. The first trivia game tests players’ knowledge about the history of video games. The second, Citizenship Test: Quebec, is a trivial pursuit-like battle where players get to show off their knowledge of Quebec’s art, music, history, geography, politics and famous people. Are you smart enough to pass the citizenship test?

Points earned in all of these different games allow the player to take a trip around the world stopping in at different French-speaking cities like Dakar, Montreal, Lausanne and Port-au-Prince. That’s why the working title of the platform is Tour du monde en 8 jeux de français.

Affordance is looking forward to bringing you fun and effective language learning games with our amazing partner, the Office québécoise de langue française!

Keep checking back on our blog and in our social media for updates. See you soon!