Our Approach

Our Process

User Experience (UX)

At Affordance, the user is at the center of everything we do. We get feedback and test during the entire development process:

  1. In the design phase, we match the narrative and graphic style to user preferences;
  2. During the production phase, we make user-onboarding more efficient and engaging;  
  3. After the project’s release, we gather data on the user behaviour and update the application for new user cases.  

Support and continuous improvement

Affordance is committed to creating solutions which check off all of the boxes on your wish list in order to help you to differentiate your offerings from those of your competitors and to fulfill your promises to your end-users.

One of the great parts of making a custom solution is that there is always room for improvement. Affordance is there every step of the way to propose new functionalities and new ways to engage your users. Looking at their behaviour will tell you everything you need to improve your product.

Our Philosophy

1 – Expertise in Game Design

The Affordance team is experts in serious games design and user-experience (UX). In fact, we teach these subjects at the college and university levels at the same time that we run our studio. Our involvement in the world of academia helps to hone our skills so that our game and gamification solutions we propose to our clients are at the forefront of design and development.

2 – Scientific Research

Affordance Studio regularly collaborates with internationally-known university researchers for field studies relating to learning with video games, serious games and gamification.

3 – Co-Creation

In order to create the most playful and engaging solutions for your clients, Affordance collaborates with different partners to leverage their different expertises. We believe that a collaborative design process will only add value to your final product.

4 – Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of the Affordance approach to design. Our mission is to create a new generation of products and services that leverage the power of games to change the world.

Our Offers

1 – Transmedia

Transmedia storytelling allows content creators the opportunity to leverage different media channels in order to create a unique and immersive experience. Compared with traditional digital media channels, transmedia storytelling can open up your markets to new users who will fall in love with your brand.

2 – Internet of Things (IoT) and Games

Over the years, Affordance Studio has developed an expertise for producing and developing digital solutions that are at the forefront of technological innovation: the iBeacon, NFC tags, wearables, holograms as well as augmented and virtual reality. You want games that transcend? We do too!

3 – Gamification

Gamification has been hyped a lot. And it has not always delivered on its promises. But it has a lot of value for very specific problems and contexts. The Affordance design team are masters in the field of gamification. We know those contexts through our own experience as well as from the research in this field.

4 – Serious Games

Serious games are games whose ultimate goal is something other than pure entertainment. But Affordance Studio firmly believes that all games can teach us something. They don’t have to be serious for us to learn something. Let’s have fun too!

5 – Playshop

Is it possible to mix professional development, corporate training and games? Yes, it’s possible and Affordance has blazed a trail to make the Playshop a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether we’re working for the federal government, schools, hospitals or Fortune 500 companies, our Playshops always hit the bullseye. Games allow people to model complex systems and understand reality in new, creative ways. Look to Affordance for your next training session!

Would you like to see concrete examples of our design approach?

Take a look at our portfolio