Cubicle To Go is an adaptation of Cubicle, an Escape Room game featured at C2 Montréal 2017 and at Movin’ On 2017.

Cubicle To Go invites visitors of the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth’s new business space to explore issues surrounding talent management (notably the importance of diversity and collaboration) by engaging in a playful and fun experience!









The goal of Cubicle To Go was to encourage players to find answers to the following question:

How do we cultivate a talent pool that is multicultural, multigenerational, and multigeographical, in an environment that is difficult to predict?










The experience allowed participants to discuss and reflect on topics such as:

  • The necessity of inclusion and diversity within a workplace

  • The importance of team collaboration

  • The significance of each individual’s participation in order to fulfill team objectives

Factors that influenced the design of the experience:

  • The game’s duration being half of the original Cubicle’s, some puzzles had to be cut to focus on giving the best experience in the shortest amount of time.

  • All of the material had to fit in a small backpack. This meant adapting the puzzles and general flow of the game.





Cubicle To Go is an adaptation of Cubicle, an escape-the-room set in a 1960’s office.