How far can collaboration take us? In the spirit of escape-the-room games, Cubicle proposes we pool resources to find concrete solutions to timeless business challenges – just please leave the stapler behind when you go.

The installation was developed for C2 Montreal 2017 and used again for Michelin Movin’ On 2017. In very high demand at both events, Cubicle attracted groups of players from companies such as Google, Youtube and Ernst & Young.









The goal of Cubicule was to bring players to find answers to the following question:

How do we cultivate a talent pool that is multicultural, multigenerational, and multigeographical, in an environment that is difficult to predict?









The experience looked for players to think about :

The necessity of inclusion/diversity.

The importance of collaborations between multiple actors.

The interdependance of participants, rooms and objects.

Some constraints influenced the design of the experience:

To achieve a better rhythm and have a higher amount of total players over the course of the event, the game had to be divided in steps. The space was designed so gamemasters could reset one room while a group of players could play the game in the next room. This allowed the game to eliminate the pauses during which the game would have no players.

The duration of a playthrough led us to want to sustain excitement with strong moments throughout the experience. Over just 30 minutes, players created teams, obtained the tools used to solve the puzzles, discovered the rooms, solved the puzzles, and met up with the other team for the final room.









The players entered a world inspired by an office from the 1960’s. The goal of the game? Print an important contract.

To do so, a group of players was divided into two teams. Each had to complete challenges in separate rooms before joining up and combining their skills for the third and final room. For each puzzle solved, the teams would get an element necessary to printing the contract.





Following the game’s strong showing, C2 Montreal approached us for a new mandate: adapt Cubicle to make it easier to set-up in international events.